February 02, 2016


Weekend Recap: USPHC

USPHC Timeline

Weekend Recap: US Pond Hockey Championships

With plenty of Labatt Blue’s to go around, we nestled in for an afternoon of competitive pond hockey at Lake Nokomis last Saturday. In its 11th year, the USPHC hosted over 150 teams and coordinated 600+ games. Whittling its way down to 4 champions across the four divisions. Hundreds of spectators poured in to watch family and friends compete to have their name etched on the Golden Shovel. Our favorite part: the overwhelming smell of hockey inside the massive warming hut. A nostalgic scent of old gear, sweat and late nights spent outside on the lake. It never really mattered who won, everyone always left with a smile on their face. The USPHC captured exactly that: hockey in its purest form. A job well done to everyone involved in making the 2016 USPHC happen. We think It’s safe to say, Team GL will be in full force come next January. Check out our photo recap below shot by our good friend Russell Heeter. DCIM100MEDIA GLC_PondHockeyChampionships-13great-lakes-pond-hockey-1great-lakes-pond-hockey-1

Essentials for the weekend:

FeaturedGear great-lakes-pond-hockeygreat-lakes-pond-hockey-5great-lakes-pond-hockeygreat-lakes-pond-hockey-1 great-lakes-pond-hockey-7great-lakes-pond-hockey-8DCIM100MEDIA 

November 06, 2014


Fall is for Football

It’s tough to beat a Sunday afternoon in the Fall when you can throw on your favorite long sleeve and get outside. Last weekend we rallied some close friends together for a good old fashion game of two hand touch. Competition was heated as usual.  After the game we got the bonfire going and shared a few stories until the sun went down.

https://vimeo.com/111067291 _DSC2903_DSC2806-2_DSC2809 copy _DSC2815 _DSC3771 _DSC3766 copy _DSC37491_DSC3169_DSC2942_DSC3780
October 10, 2014


The Quarry

For our latest escape we rallied a crew of our friends to soak up the last of Summer at

The Quarry in St. Cloud, MN.

September 12, 2014


U.P Fishing Trip

 The second excerpt from our new Lifestyle Crew series.

Jake Zboril shares his experience fishing at Porterfield Lake, a hidden gem thats been a part of his family for 3 generations.

Check him out at @jzborilphotography

555 Last week a buddy and I packed our bags for a weekend fishing trip to Porterfield Lake in southern Marquette County, an area that’s been apart of my family for 3 generations. My grandparents used to fish and hunt around the area since the 50’s. My father’s been coming here his whole life, and I've been going since I was a kid. It’s a lake not known by many and there are only a handful of cabins out here, making for an ideal fishing getaway. car I work midnights at my full time job, so when I got off work at 7am on Friday it was time for Kyle and I to head North. Sleep was an afterthought at this point. 23 There are two routes you can take up to Porterfield Lake, the short way or the scenic way through Michigan and over the Mackinac Bridge; naturally we took the scenic way. 2 The campsite we stayed at used to be a State Forest campground, but has since been abandoned. Many of the roads have been blocked with large rocks, but over the years people made there own trails, which is how we got to our campsite. The jeep took a slight beating from the rough roads but I think she’ll be aright. After all, that’s what they’re made for, right? 55 We got to the lake just before dark and set up camp. It doesn’t get much better than sitting around the fire overlooking the water after a long days drive. 1 Fishing started bright and early the next morning. We were after the Bluegills but caught some Pike and Bass. We kept things simple and used live worms as our bait.  By the end of the trip we tallied around 25 fish. 33 The best part about our trip was having the entire lake to ourselves - something you can’t find all too often. After a relaxing weekend, we packed up on Sunday morning and headed home with a cooler full of fish and a greater respect for the North Woods. - Jake Zboril Where's your go-to fishing spot? Let us know below!
August 29, 2014


Vol 2. // Day on the Lake

Ending this Summer with a playlist perfect for a full day out on the lake with friends

Listen Here


August 14, 2014


10K Lakes Wakesurf Open

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.00.53 PM

Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? This Friday and Saturday we'll be co-sponsoring the 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open in part of the World Series of Wakesurfing, the biggest organized wakesurfing circuit ever and it's being held this year right here in Minneapolis on the Mississippi River.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.57.58 PM

Some of the top wakesurfers in the world will be competing along with local and semi-pro talent.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.59.54 PM

Swing by our booth this Friday or Saturday and catch up with the GL Team, get a first hand look at our brand new Sunwashed shirts, and enjoy a perfect day under the sun to watch some of the best Wakesurfers in the world compete at the highest level. Details below!

When: August 15th + 16th

Where: 1501 W. River Road, Minneapolis MN 55411

See you there!

Spencer + David

August 08, 2014


Saturday Afternoon

August 07, 2014


Jackson Journey

The first excerpt from our new Lifestyle Crew series.

Jack Swift, Paul Nordquist, Matt Rock, and David Brown share their story as they set out to explore beautiful Northwest Wyoming

Shot by @Swifterthanyou & @Paulnordquist of Absolute


May 26 2014

5:00 PM


We had all just finished finals after our sophomore year of college and were eager for an adventure. So with the car packed to the brim, we left our hometown of Minneapolis at 5 pm and by 8:30 pm we had made it to our first campground in Fargo North Dakota.

May 28 2014

5:00 am - 5:30 am

roadtrip2We woke up at the crack of dawn to finish our drive to Yellowstone National Park. We drove though the famous Bear Tooth Pass, and needless to say Paul enjoyed the view.

5:57 PM

lifestyle3There was plenty of wildlife to enjoy driving through Yellowstone National Park to our campground, but most common were the buffalo. After a full day of driving we arrived to the Madison campground in Yellowstone, we feasted on a smorgasbord meal and finally got some well-deserved rest.

May 29 2014

8:12 am


In the morning, we were awoken to the sound strange grunts and growls. Groggy eyed and curious, David unzipped our tent to find a group of bison casually strolling though our campsite. Matt prepared us breakfast as we sat and watched the bison graze past us.

10:05 am


On the drive to Old Faithful, we saw some beautifully colored hot springs. Paul was hit with a facefull of sulfur-smelling steam coming off of the water. At around 11:30, we witnessed the famous Old Faithful blow steam a hundred feet in the air, a magnificent sight to see.

3:30 pm


After a full day at the park, we came home to our campsite to relax on the stone beach.

10:53 pm


After Matt and David called it a night, Paul and Jack went out onto the shores of the vast Jackson lake to shoot the dreamlike stars that you can only find in a place like this. We’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

May 30 2014

10:11 am


The drive to our next destination, Jenny Lake, was flanked by the Tetons.

3:30 pm


When we arrived to our campsite, Matt took a dip in 40 degree Jenny Lake. It was a bit frigid to say the least.

May 31 2014

6:30 am

2222While being chased by two storm fronts, we took a final moment in front of Jackson Lake and even got a goodbye from our bear friend.

June 1 2014

3:03 am


2,270 miles later we arrive back home in Minnesota. Exhausted, smelly, and sore, but thrilled by our Journey to Jackson.

August 07, 2014


Tin Fish

Tin Fish 4

Located on the shores of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, this fast casual seafood restaurant has been a personal favorite of ours and many other Minnesotans for years. Only open during the Summer months, Tin Fish provides the perfect atmosphere for a night out with family and friends to enjoy some delicious food by the lake. On most any beautiful Summer night you can expect to see a winding line of people who can't wait to get their hands on the famous Fish Tacos that are well worth the wait. Tin Fish 2 Tin Fish offers a wide variety of healthy and quality products at an affordable price. Fish tacos, walleye sandwiches, and shrimp nachos to name a few. Our personal favorite is the Tilapia Fish Taco, and at $5 this is tough to beat. Tin Fish 5 If you're not feeling the seafood route, one of our absolute favorites and lesser known items on the menu is the Rainbow burger. Sure, you may not think to get a burger at a seafood place, but trust us when we say this is the real deal. Partnered with some deliciously seasoned fries and big fluffy bun, we highly recommend giving this a try. tin fish 1 While the food is delicious, the experience of sitting outside and soaking up the beautiful sunset over the sailboats on Calhoun makes it that much sweeter. Great food, welcoming people, and an amazing view are just a few of the many reasons we think Tin Fish is the perfect recipe for a beautiful Minnesota summer night. Enjoy! Spencer + David Are you a Tin Fish regular? Comment below and let us what you think is best on the menu!
August 04, 2014


Vol. 1 // Road Trippin'

Every Friday we'll be launching a new playlist that will have you setup for any weekend out enjoying the great Midwest.

Heading out to the lake this weekend? Check out our ultimate road trip Spotify playlist here (Disable popup blocker)

Loon Tunes Vol 1