July 28, 2013


Minnesota Made

GL wants to take you through a tour of our awesome printing facility.  Locally made with a passion for quality craftsmanship, Embroidery Shop Inc. (ESI) is owned and operated by two hard-working Midwesterners right here in Hopkins, MN.  Using the best equipment, finest inks and high grade embroidery machines, ESI is a perfect fit for our high quality standards.

ESI (.5)

Below, potential designs are carefully reviewed before printing them out onto blank screens.

ESI (1)

Old screens are cleaned in order to burn the new design and prep for printing.

ESI (2)

Screens are then measured and placed into the automatic press.

ESI (4)

Now the fun (and messy) part begins.  Ink colors are chosen and poured onto the screens.  After everything is lined up correctly, the automatic press takes over, printing our original designs on several shirts every minute.

ESI (5)

ESI (6)

After the first layer of ink is printed, the shirt swings over to the heating station, setting the ink so more colors can be added.

ESI (8)

ESI (9)

Even the machines are Made in America!

ESI (7)

The M&R press can hold up to 8 shirts at one time.

ESI (10)

Embroidery files are created from scratch, then saved on a jump drive to import on the Tajima embroidery machines.

ESI (11)

After 8 different styles, we finally landed on our signature blue loon.

ESI (12)

8 embroidery heads work in unison to stitch our loon emblems.

ESI (13)

Inspired by Northern living and made right here in Minnesota.

ESI (14)

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