September 12, 2014


U.P Fishing Trip

 The second excerpt from our new Lifestyle Crew series.

Jake Zboril shares his experience fishing at Porterfield Lake, a hidden gem thats been a part of his family for 3 generations.

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555 Last week a buddy and I packed our bags for a weekend fishing trip to Porterfield Lake in southern Marquette County, an area that’s been apart of my family for 3 generations. My grandparents used to fish and hunt around the area since the 50’s. My father’s been coming here his whole life, and I've been going since I was a kid. It’s a lake not known by many and there are only a handful of cabins out here, making for an ideal fishing getaway. car I work midnights at my full time job, so when I got off work at 7am on Friday it was time for Kyle and I to head North. Sleep was an afterthought at this point. 23 There are two routes you can take up to Porterfield Lake, the short way or the scenic way through Michigan and over the Mackinac Bridge; naturally we took the scenic way. 2 The campsite we stayed at used to be a State Forest campground, but has since been abandoned. Many of the roads have been blocked with large rocks, but over the years people made there own trails, which is how we got to our campsite. The jeep took a slight beating from the rough roads but I think she’ll be aright. After all, that’s what they’re made for, right? 55 We got to the lake just before dark and set up camp. It doesn’t get much better than sitting around the fire overlooking the water after a long days drive. 1 Fishing started bright and early the next morning. We were after the Bluegills but caught some Pike and Bass. We kept things simple and used live worms as our bait.  By the end of the trip we tallied around 25 fish. 33 The best part about our trip was having the entire lake to ourselves - something you can’t find all too often. After a relaxing weekend, we packed up on Sunday morning and headed home with a cooler full of fish and a greater respect for the North Woods. - Jake Zboril Where's your go-to fishing spot? Let us know below!

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