No better way to start a week than heading to a cabin in northern Wisconsin! Our Great Lakes team and photographer Russell Heeter set out on our way to Wisdom Woods, a private event and retreat center for the ultimate getaway experience. Before taking the back road to the cabin, we naturally had to stop to get some fireworks for our stay. From sparklers to colorful arial purchases, we had our recipe for a celebration. 


We arrived to the most welcoming crew consisting of Heather, Chad and Nate. They greeted us with big smiles and a full meal prepared by the legendary local Chef Ray. The countertop was lined with appetizers that were locally grown and picked just a few days prior, while the beer was chilled in the fridge, and the crew loaded the cabin with our bags for the stay. 

The rest of the night consisted with a paddle on the Leisure Lake (seriously - no better name for this place) and a sunset that blew everyone’s minds. The colors in the sky were perfect for the shots we wanted, and the drone captured the true essence of the atmosphere (when it wasn’t running into a tree). We played John Mayer on the speakers, and enjoyed each other’s company while giddy over the images we’d just taken together. 



That night we sat down for dinner after a few hours of work, where we got to talking about the meaning of community, health, and creativity. Wisdom Woods was the perfect place for us to reflect, refresh, and be optimistic about what’s to come. Heather, Chad, and Nate were the perfect hosts of our dinner, leading great conversation and prompting inspiration for our brand. We all came out of dinner with full stomachs and excitement to get the fireworks goin off the dock. 


After lots of red, white, and blue in the sky, we made our way back inside the cabin for a (very) short 4 hours of sleep before sunrise. At 5AM we threw the swimsuits on, grabbed the cameras, and set off on the ATV’s into the chilly 45 degree weather to capture sunrise over the water. Paddle boards were sent out on the lake and we were greeted by three loons peacefully swimming in the fog. Numerous photos were taken on this crisp morning, which was followed by a relaxing break in the hot tub that had a perfect view of sunrise. 


We returned to the cabin for a large breakfast full of fresh fruit and more conversation. We reflected on how incredible of an experience we had thus far, and planned out the rest of the day. From product to lifestyle shots, we ran all over the property capturing every inch of beauty Wisdom Woods offered. Meanwhile, Chad was chopping wood for the stove in the sauna that we would enjoy after completion of our work. At 1PM, we finished our shoot up and couldn’t help but enjoy the property as guests. We jumped off the dock some more, took another dip in the hot tub, and drove around the defender parked outside. 



The experience Wisdom Woods provided for us was unexplainable. The hospitality, meals, the views, and the adventure all wrapped up into something we are extremely grateful for. We left for Minneapolis with full stomachs and great memories. 

Thank you, Heather, Chad, Nate, and Chef Ray!


November 19, 2018

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