2018 was a big year for us. In fact, our biggest year yet! We created more new products than we ever have before, launched a spring collection, participated in the MN State Fair, doubled our team and started our Freshwater Initiative. Take a closer look at some of the highlights below:

 February 5th

Let the strategy sessions commence. After a busy holiday season and some much needed rest in January, we spent a few days in Hayward, WI to carve out our priorities and get some goals for the year.


March 9th

We launched our first spring collection highlighting over 30 new products. Faking a warm weather look during March with a few inches of snow on the ground was no easy feat...


May 2nd

Enter Claire! Our lead graphic designer that has been crucial to our success this year. She helps design everything from new products, marketing materials, website graphics, and emails.


June 4th

We road-tripped to Spooner, WI for an epic shoot at Wisdom Woods. With plenty of summer gear in hand and a quick stop at the local fireworks store– we were awfully excited about this one. 

We only had one day so we had to make the most of it. We shot until 1am, slept for four hours and immediately went out for a morning paddle board. The wood fired sauna was a big bonus. Safe to say, we packed a lot into 24 hours.


July 10th

Wheels up to sunny Los Angeles!  We visited many of our manufacturers throughout 2018 including our main knit supplier in Southern California. Sam, the owner, has been in the apparel business since graduating college and has helped us tremendously on the manufacturing front.

For our Sunwashed Tees, we use a heavier yarn to add weight while softening the tees up through our unique dye process.


 July 14th

We held our 4th annual Cornhole Classic at Lord Fletcher’s. 64 teams participated in our most competitive year yet. 


August 23rd

A new tradition began as we were invited to participate in our first ever Minnesota State Fair. 

We spent most of June and July planning, designing and building out our mini-shop. It was hectic to say the least but an amazing experience meeting a ton of new customers.


October 11th

We launched The Freshwater Initiative, an ongoing and collaborative campaign to partner with various organizations tackling different issues that ultimately help preserve our beautiful lakes.
With your help, we were able to donate $4,142 to our first partnership with Save the Boundary Waters in an effort to protect America’s most visited wilderness from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining.

November 8th

Our Ridgedale pop-up shop got a little makeover for our 5th anniversary. A handmade Merrimack canoe built from fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber sure helped set the scene for our biggest holiday season yet.

November 26th

We switched things up a bit from our usual Cyber Monday promotion. We partnered with our neighbors, Woodchuck USA, to design some limited edition gifts for all orders over $50. With your help we planted 563 trees.

December 2nd

What better way to increase productivity than adding three pups to the mix! 

Minny, Betty and Hank joined the squad during our busiest time of the year and even helped out in the warehouse. Fortunately, we all made it through busy season… barely. 

A big thanks goes out to all of you who supported us this past year and making it our biggest yet! 2019 has big shoes to fill but we've got plenty of exciting things in the pipeline.

January 10, 2019

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