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Operations + Inventory Analyst

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who is excited about our brand and ready to help us hit the next level. Specifically in the realm of operations and logistics. If you consider yourself a very detail oriented person that would excel in a fast-paced / start-up environment, keep reading. 

Job Type: 40 hours / week 

What you'll do:


You’ll lead our forecasting efforts on both a seasonal level and individual product level. Help give insight to the data we’ve generated over the years and suggest any potential order changes as the season progresses. You’ll be responsible for running monthly reports comparing actuals to projected numbers making sure we’re staying on budget while hitting demand. Essentially, you’ll run the show when it comes to projecting out sales, coordinating spreadsheets and getting orders in our vendors’ hands.

Order Management / Production

Once you’ve crunched the seasonal numbers on a SKU level, you’ll work in our systems to  create and submit PO’s to our network of vendors. You’ll be responsible for checking in with our suppliers to make sure orders are on schedule and estimated delivery dates are accomplished. You may also find yourself helping on development side of things - procuring trims (buttons, tags, etc.) for future products and helping source any additional items needed.

Strategic Reporting

Generating strategic reports for our team to look over on a weekly and monthly basis that will give insight to how are products are performing. Including on hand inventory reports, comparing sales data to projections and providing recommendations on future weeks. This is a crucial component to developing future products. You’ll become a wizard of the ecommerce-apparel world.

Who you are:

Analytical Self-Starter

You’re scrappy, and don’t mind jumping into an environment where you need to figure stuff out on your own. We want your opinion on improving our supply chain and how you’re going to get it done.

Familiar with Microsoft Excel

You’ll be spending quite a bit of time with this powerful little program. Most everything you do will either start, or evolve into a spreadsheet at some point. Having experience with excel will definitely get you off to a good start.

Organized and Detail Oriented

You sweat the small stuff. Here at GL we like to do things the right way even though it may take a little longer. Caring about the nitty gritty details will set you up for success in this role.


You’re jumping into the start-up life. Staying on your toes and picking things up quick will be key.  We never really shut down (unless we’re on vacation), so keeping up with things in the off-hours may be needed.

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