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Here at GL, we love the great outdoors. The lakes we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts and we want to help preserve that for future generations to enjoy. So, we created The Freshwater Initiative: an ongoing and collaborative campaign to partner with various organizations tackling different issues that ultimately help preserve our beautiful lakes. Supporting our mission is easy:

Every year we’ll select a new organization to partner with. We’ll create limited edition products and launch them seasonally on our website. For every product sold, we’ll donate at least 20% of sales. You get sweet gear while supporting different causes that hit close to home for all of us here in the North.

Save the boundary waters


This season we’ve partnered with Save the Boundary Waters in an effort to ensure permanent protection for America’s most visited Wilderness area from sulfide-ore copper mining.


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Critical Habitat

The pristine waters and unspoiled forests of the Boundary Waters provide critical habitat for wildlife, including several endangered and threatened species such as the Canada lynx and moose.

Incredible Experiences

The Boundary Waters is where generations of children developed a lifelong love of nature that brought them back as adults. Action is needed to ensure future generations can enjoy the pristine waters, world-renowned angling and incomparable scenery that so many have come to know and cherish.

A Thriving Economy

The Boundary Waters is the economic lifeblood of northeastern Minnesota's lucrative tourism industry. Tourism generates $913 million in revenue per year in economic benefits and creates 17,000 jobs that support local families and businesses.


Aquatic Ecosystems Destroyed

Acid mine drainage, heavy metals and associated pollutants from sulfide-ore copper mines harm microorganisms, aquatic plants and fish. Acid mine drainage also increases the acidity of waters. As acidity increases, we know certain species will be unable to survive. Minnows are impacted first, followed by walleye, northerns, smallmouth bass, trout and loons.

Increased Mercury in People & Fish

10 percent of the newborns in Minnesota’s Lake Superior Basin already have blood mercury levels above the safe limit—likely because their mothers ate more fish, the primary source of mercury in people. Sulfide-ore copper mining in the watershed of the Boundary Waters exposes local residents to a similar risk.

Forests Suffer

The forests of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are deeply interconnected with the streams, lakes, wetlands and groundwater. Mining activities would disrupt this relationship, resulting in the loss of forest area and native biodiversity.