Our Brand

Ultra comfortable, eco-conscious apparel for woods & water.

Time slows down at the lake

We create comfortable, high-quality apparel that draws inspiration from the simple and relaxed way of life at the lake. Where days aren’t rushed, but savored. Apparel you can feel relaxed in whether you’re at the lake or dreaming of being there. Because being at the lake feels good. And we think your clothes should, too.

Eco-conscious, laid back apparel

Premium fabrics that are better for you and our planet. We're always working on improving our products to bring you the softest gear while making the smallest impact.

Founded by friends, run like family

We're a small, homegrown business based in MN — the land of 14,380 lakes. So, you could say we know a thing or two about lake culture.

We're an easygoing but hard-working group that knows how to have fun. When we aren't working, you'll catch us enjoying the outdoors.

Giving Back

The lakes we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts and we want to help preserve that for future generations. So, we’ve created the Freshwater Initiative - an ongoing and collaborative campaign to partner with various organizations tackling different issues to help preserve our beautiful lakes.